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What is NCR?

NCR stands for “No Carbon Required” and it refers to paper that has been treated with a special coating which reacts to the pressure of a pen.

Each sheet of paper is then glued together, and so what is written on to the first sheet is then automatically copied onto subsequent sheets without the need to use messy carbon paper.

NCR sets are the simplest and cheapest type of NCR. Whether you have a 2, 3, 4 or more part NCR form, all of the parts are glued together to make one complete set.

These NCR sets are then boxed loose. Being loose NCR sets they are ideal for office use where you can take the next NCR set from where they are stored and fill in your form.

Once complete, you can separate the individual parts to pass on.

Just some of the options available…

  • 2, 3, 4 or 5 parts
  • Numbering
NCR pads are many NCR sets all glued together in to one pad. Usually 50 sets to a pad, these are supplied with a writing shield that is inserted underneath the current working set. You fill out your form and can then tear off the individual sheets for distribution. You can then reinsert the writing shield under the next set in the pad.

NCR pads are handy if you wish to keep all of your NCR sets neatly together if say, you are out visiting customers or for delivery notes kept in your vehicle.

Just some of the options available…

  • 2, 3, 4 or 5 parts
  • Numbering
  • Plain or Printed Cover
  • Wraparound Writing Shield
NCR books are very similar to NCR pads in that all of your NCR sets are kept together. The main difference is that with an NCR book, one of the parts of the set is fastened in the book.

The NCR sets are stapled in to the book along with a plain cover and board backing. This is then bound with black tape to complete the finish. Depending on your requirements, some of the parts are perforated so they can be removed from the book and handed out to wherever they need to go but the final part is kept fastened in the book, much like the stub in your banking cheque book.

NCR books are ideal for making sure you always have your file copies kept together, nothing can go missing.

Just some of the options available…

  • 2, 3, 4 or 5 parts
  • Numbering
  • Plain or Printed Cover
  • Wraparound Writing Shield
Continuous NCR forms are used on a dot matrix printer in conjunction with office based software on your computer to print on to the continuous NCR.

The sheets are perforated along the edges so the sprocket holed margins can be removed.


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