More NCR information

NCR = No Carbon Required

Whatever is written on to the top copy will be duplicated to ALL of the other copies in the form. Forms can be anything from 2 parts up to as many parts as required and we can print the forms in as many colours as you require. NCR forms can be produced as sets, pads, books, continuous and loosely collated sets.

NCR Sets

An NCR set is when all parts of the form are glued together on one edge to create a multipart form. NCR sets are often used for invoices, delivery notes and hire forms

NCR Pads

An NCR pad is when NCR sets are glued together to create a pad of sets. 50 sets per pad is the industry standard but you can have as little or as many sets per pad as you require. The gluing allows individual sets to be removed from the pad once filled in. NCR pads are often used for service forms, sales order and purchase order forms.

NCR Books

An NCR book is like a pad but with one or more of the parts staying fastened in the book and the other parts having a perforated stub so they can be removed from the book. NCR books are often used for receipts, invoices and purchase orders.

Continuous Forms

These NCR Forms are for use with dot matrix printers with a tractor feed along the edge. The finished forms come with holes in the removable margins for feeding through the printer. These are normally used in conjunction with computer software for producing different kinds of forms. The forms come in a continuous fan folded sheet with a perforated line to separate the individual forms. Continuous forms are often used for invoices, statements, delivery notes, etc.

Loosely Collated Laser NCR Sets

These NCR sets are designed to be used with a laser printer. The forms are supplied printed as you require and then pre-collated in the parts. (e.g. White – Yellow – White – Yellow for a 2 part form. These are not glued). These laser sets are often used for hire forms and invoices.


We can number your forms in one or two places as required. This numbering can be in black or red. We can number sequentially or 1 to 50 for food order pads.

Wrap Around Writing Shields

These are writing shields that we attach to the pad or book so the writing shield will never go missing. Ideal for when using the forms out of the office (e.g. on site or out in vehicles).


We can attach a cover to your pad or book. These can be plain or printed.

Desensitized Areas / Hatch Printed

We can desensitize areas on the form so duplication does not occur or we can print “hatched print” in areas on the form where you do not want the duplicated wording to be legible.